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Texas Adjuster Insurance License

Texas All-Lines Adjuster License 

Adjuster Training Solutions is proud to offer the Texas All-Lines Adjuster Pre-Licensing course. This license is the most widely recognized license in the claims industry.

Our 3-Day Texas Adjuster Pre-Licensing course is the most streamed lined and effective way to get your Texas Adjuster License. We include your exam, books and all applications and forms you will need to submit to the Texas Dept. of Insurance for licensing.

Adjuster Training Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of training. Our instructors will take the time to answer your questions and pass on their knowledge from years of experience in the field.

The right preparation sets the ground work for a successful career. 

Before assisting in the effort to rebuild neighborhoods, the industry expects a specific depth of knowledge. With Adjuster Training Solutions' Texas All-Lines training course, you'll be ready to begin a lucrative career that brings hope to families and communities during uncertain times.

Communities across the country will require your services regardless of the economic conditions.
Declared disasters, such as floods, fires, tornadoes or hurricanes are on the rise with the largest tally in 13 years occurring in 2008 with 75 disasters.* Across the country, communities recovering from natural disasters or personal property accidents depend on your professionalism to rebuild homes and businesses.

Even if the catastrophe only impacts one household, you'll feel good about the work you do because of the sense of peace you'll restore to families.

Licensed claims adjusters will continue to be a staple in future recovery efforts.
As a independent contractor, you will be in charge of your earning power and your workload. Whether a disaster impacts one household or many, you are in control of the revenue flow based on the number of provider contracts you sign. Your earnings per claim depend on a fee schedule drafted by the insurance companies you contract with. The chance for success rests on the reputation and the relationship you are able to build with insurance companies. A strong potential for assignments is expected to persist through 2016 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics**. A somber tone exists in many careers serving catastrophe-impacted areas but your role as a claims adjuster in Texas can shine a light on an otherwise negative experience.

Build a quality reputation among the industry's claim adjuster veterans from Adjuster Training Solutions' real-life illustrations and comprehensive curriculum.
No insurance adjuster career can be successful without the following three components:
  • An industry-specific education,
  • effective licensing preparation and
  • a command of the industry's leading estimation software.
In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the knowledge you acquire from Adjuster Training Solutions will support your confidence in assisting the disaster survivors.

Gain that confidence with Adjuster Training Solutions, a Texas-registered education provider (#33972) of the following required coursework:
Beneficial for residents and non-residents alike, the Texas All-Lines licensing program is the most comprehensive preparation for an industry exam that satisfies claim adjusting requirements for over thirty states including the following:
  • Florida,
  • Idaho,
  • West Virginia,
  • Wyoming,
  • Montana
  • and Hawaii.
Aside from the states where the Texas All-Lines license gains you access to disaster sites across the country, it also allows you to prepare the following insurance claims:
  • residential,
  • commercial,
  • automobile,
  • ocean,
  • farm,
  • ranch,
  • inland marine
  • and worker's compensation.
Registering for the Adjuster Training Solutions' Texas All-Lines licensing program sets your new career as an independent claims adjuster in motion.
We believe in our training materials as well as in your ability to acquire that knowledge and be successful. The course may be just three days long, but after an intensive program of study you will come away with the in-depth knowledge and confidence to build the reputation that attracts business contracts. If you are unable to acquire the concepts necessary to successfully pass the Texas All-Lines exam, Adjuster Training Solutions will see you through with one-on-one exam preparation at no additional cost.

With the valuable instruction offered by Adjuster Training Solutions, a registered education provider, you can actively participate in the the recovery effort of any natural disaster. Contact us at 713-344-3223 or click the Register Today button below for more information.

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*Statistics reported from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)'s annual data on declared disasters as of May 2009.
** Forecast gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' report on the outlook of claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners and investigators as of December 2007 is the most recent data provided.

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